What is Agribusiness Congress East Africa

Agribusiness Congress East Africa was launched in 2014 in Dar es Salaam, hosted by Agriculture Council of Tanzania (ACT) with the official support from the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania.  After the 3 successful editions of the Agribusiness Congress East Africa in Dar es Salaam, the 4th annual Agribusiness Congress East Africa moves to a new host nation, Uganda.

Agribusiness Congress East Africa is a regional platform for insightful discussions and knowledge sharing, to address those pertinent issues which are preventing the East African agricultural industry from truly flourishing as a global agribusiness hub.  

Why Uganda?

  • Market Access through treaties and agreements: Uganda is part of the Free Trade Area of EAC, COMESA and SADC.
  • Uganda is a signatory to major international investment and business protocols.
  • Totally liberalised foreign exchange regime
  • Uganda has a population of 35 million people with a growing middle-income class with reasonable expendable income.

Opportunities for agribusiness investment exist in but not limited to:

  • Commercial farming in both crops and animal industries, as well as aquaculture;
  • Value addition (Agro-industries -Agro-food industries;
  • Manufacturing of inputs (fertilisers, pesticides etc);
  • Cold storage facilities and logistics;
  • Farm Machinery manufacturing and assembly;
  • Packaging;
  • Irrigation schemes

Uganda has been zoned into specific production areas and in order to ease logistics and supply of Agricultural products / source of raw materials, all these areas are well linked to a good national road grid network.