About the event

What is Agribusiness Congress East Africa?

The Agribusiness Congress East Africa is the premier business networking event for the East African region that offers a high profile 2 day conference and live outdoor exhibition. The event took place on 29 and 30 November at NaCRRI in Kampala, Uganda.  

This professional event brought together key industry stakeholders from the public and the private sectors to ensure that the region is positioned to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the growth of this sector and to strengthen Africa’s agribusiness networks.  

Who attends?

Featured at the event will be: government officials, large and emerging commercial farmers, financiers and the banking sector, project developers, traders and retailers, food reserve and development agencies and solution providers from East Africa as well as other African regions and the world. 

What will be discussed?

Topics up for discussion in the conference will include:

  • Access to affordable finance
  • Fast tracking the cycle from farm to fork
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing value addition
  • Commodity markets
  • Quality standards to increase production value
  • Infrastructure developments
  • And market access regionally and internationally in view to improve intercontinental trade

Whats new in 2017?

Agribusiness Congress East Africa will not only offer participants a unique opportunity to head start their agribusiness agenda in 2018, but also provides access to newly available technology and products with a 2 day co-located outdoor live product showcase with machinery demos, an an agronomy consultation pavilion and free-to-attend workshops!

Why should you choose East Africa as your agribusiness destination?

The East African market is one of over 145.5 million consumers and its agriculture is valued at more than $147 billion.  There is ample opportunity to establish East Africa as the continent’s agricultural hub however; the region’s agriculture sector is not evolving fast enough to meet market demands due to the lack of commercialisation, mechanisation and access to information.  

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