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    • We are a specialist agriculture investment firm that has been investing in small and medium sized East African agribusinesses since 2006. Our investments generate financial returns for our investors while creating significant social impact. Our success is derived from working with ambitious management teams, providing supportive investment structures and specialist expertise that create high-growth agribusinesses.

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    • Agri News Net and are well connected to the farming industry and community of South Africa. We have several investment opportunities for foreign investment. We deal directly with the farming community and no organization is involved. We have the skills and the infrastructure to contact our farmers directly in South Africa and the rest of the Africa. Contact:

    • FOOD BUSINESS AFRICA magazine is the leading source of information for key decision makers in the food, beverage, milling, baking and animal feed manufacturing sector in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

      The magazine is availed to over 20 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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    • The Industry Business Africa magazine is a pan-African premium publication focused on highlighting key businesses and decision makers in Africa. The magazine covers new technology, new investments, current and future trends and future prospects of the industry in Africa.

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    • Matchdeck is re-inventing the way companies interact with and do business with each other. Our matching engine uses semantic web technology to match companies based on their business goals. Once matched, companies connect with each other directly on our platform and this removes the need for more traditional forms of B2B marketing.

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    • Radio Yo Radio yange

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