Conference overview

This year the 4th annual Agribusiness Congress East Africa presents the overarching theme:  Mobilizing and commercialising the agricultural arena in East Africa through the modern agri-value chain.

The East African region is on the highway into the 21st Century
No longer should we be addressing EA as a small under-valued area, but rather as an arena for agricultural growth and potential to follow through the value chain with confidence.

Avenues for commercialisation and development for entrepreneurial mind-set is needed
Mind-set development and up-skilling to evolve the small farmer to become agripreneurs, using technology and training programmes.  Agriculture can generate opportunities for financial access and investment from the region, hence inclusion of correct practice and guidance on inputs, equipment use to harvest/yield high quality and high quantity produce, thus allowing the vision of growth to manifest into reality.

The 4th annual Agribusiness Congress East Africa brings together regional and international stakeholders, investors and suppliers from the agri-value chain to set strategic plans for action within the next 12-months.  Unlocking strategic plans for progressive action to enhance commercial actives enable commodity trade, development and provide market accessibilities in the East African agricultural corridors.