Paul Kamande
Chief Executive Officer
Agribusiness Farmers Association of Kenya


Paul Kamande brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field of Agri-Business. For the past six years . Having worked with Kenya Livestock (KLPA) where he efficiently met unique organization and technological constraints to produce significant achievements in regulation of the agricultural sector ,arrangement or exhibition and seminars to advice farmers on how to boost their lives with farming and internal process to boost a small scale farmer to become a large scale. Currently as one of the senior consultants from Agribusiness Farmers Association of Kenya, Paul is responsible for leading program management and project planning initiatives for growing companies seeking to secure out sourcing contracts in the global market place to boost the agricultural sector in Kenya and Africa at large. He interfaces directly with senior management and C-level executives to strategize and devise effective measures which including contract negotiation, agreement for long term ROI maximization. Additionally, he formulated the strategy and oversaw implementation introducing Agri-business farming to most of rural areas in Kenya to help them upgrade their lives and show them there is hope in agriculture. Paul has extensive international travel and Agri-business experience which took him to various countries in Africa and Isreal, in regard of the Agri-business he has sponsored farmers to visit Isreal and learn technique on how to improve Agri-business back in Kenya. He holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce (Finance) from Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA university). He also holds a certificate in Computer from Kiambu Institute of Computer Engineering(KICE).