Mike Gericke
Managing Director
Lion Mountains Agrico Ltd

Sierra Leone

Michael Gericke has been in Sierra Leone since October 2014. Lion Mountains, part of Pheonix Africa, is now the largest rice milling operation in Sierra Leone. They also have leased 500 hectares for commercial rice growing with potential to increase to 10,000 hectares. Prior to Sierra Leone Michael was GM for Svishtov farm in Nigeria where he had 100,000 layers, running the farm and recruiting a poultry and crop manager for the future development, expanding to 450,000 layers. Prior, Michael worked for management company, Agricane in Ethiopia growing Maize, Mozambique growing sugar cane, Gabon doing a feasibility study on sugar cane in Gabon and Sierra Leone where he set up and ran a port controllers’ office for Addax Bioenergy. During the late 90’s Michael carried out a feasibility study on setting up 23x tobacco farms in the North of Zambia