“ENGSOL works more as a partner, building long term relationships, rather than just as a supplier and the standards of our products and support are tested on our model farm”

Let’s start with some background on your organisation and the work that you do, particularly in the agri sector?   
Engineering Solutions (U) Ltd. (ENGSOL) is one of the most experienced companies involved in agricultural mechanisation in Uganda & has been importing, distributing and providing after-sales support for Massey Ferguson since 2002; Deutz-Fahr since 2014 & TAFE for 3 years. We also import a wide range of agricultural implements and equipment and milking equipment whilst we fabricate trailers, bowser and some implements. Training support is a major element of our business.

ENGSOL Agribusiness Congress East AfricaWhich current projects are you particularly excited about at the moment?   
We have a number at the moments including:
- The TAFE 9502-4WD 90HP tractor introduction for commercial farmers and especially for the sugar industry due to its extremely competitive pricing, high performance, good fuel consumption and low maintenance costs.
- Our partnership with SNV-TIDE Project promoting development of the dairy sector in south-western Uganda. Eligible dairy farmers are able to access financial grants to support their purchase of equipment for pasture and fodder production and other equipment for the mechanization of dairy farm activities.
- ENGSOL’s financial options available to emerging farmers, clusters, cooperatives, contractors and commercial farmers. With UGX interest rates from 12%, equipment acting as the required security, grace periods and varied repayment periods giving the flexibility needed for agricultural borrowing.
- The TULIME TAFE package (inc. tractor, plough, harrow & tipping trailer) at Ugx71m/=. The package is ideal for first time tractor buyers, SMEs, Cooperatives & SACCOs - giving them an entry into mechanized agriculture. Our finance partner, Microfinance Support Centre, is offering 3-4 year loans with interest at 13% p.a., 6 months grace period and no additional collateral needed.

What in your view are the main challenges facing the agri sector in East Africa?
- Lack of knowledge & information
- Lack of mechanisation
- Limited drying and storage facilities
- High interest rates; low bankability of farmers
- Land tenure & fragmentation issues
- Climate change
- Lack of coordination & direction of stakeholders
- Youth running away from agriculture
- Inconsistent demand, market and prices

Any success stories/case studies that you can share?   
We are having great success with development of the dairy sector in south western Uganda whilst our partnership approach is contributing to success of our farmer customers and our finance partners.

What is your vision for the industry?   
A commercially successful, continuously developing, sustainable and mechanized agricultural industry.

What surprises you about this sector?   
Huge enthusiasm and potential despite the enormous challenges.

You are a gold sponsor at the upcoming Agri Business Congress East Africa. What will be your message at the event?   
Visit the ENGSOL / TAFE stand; discover the products and options available for agricultural mechanisation and how we can partner you.

What are you most looking forward to at Agribusiness Congress East Africa?   
Meeting farmers and people who are looking to mechanise their farm activities or expand their fleets and equipment range. Learning from all the participants and attendees.

Anything you would like to add?
ENGSOL works more as a partner building long term relationships rather than just as a supplier and the standards of our products and support are tested on our model farm.